Post: Spring Florals

Spring by far is my favorite time a year as a florist, because everything is new, and every bloom is so fresh and sweetly scented. Spring florals typically include vibrant blooms such as tulips, daffodils, peonies, cherry blossoms, and lilacs. They feature pastel colors like pink, lavender, and yellow, symbolizing renewal and freshness. These floral arrangements are often airy, whimsical, and full of texture, incorporating greenery like ferns and eucalyptus for a natural, garden-inspired look.

In every floral centerpiece it is composed of ingredients much like a recipe. Here is my go-to recipe for every arrangement.

Structural Foliage which refers to plants with sturdy and distinctive shapes, textures, and colors that provide architectural interest and foam in floral arrangements and form in floral arrangements and landscaping. Examples would be greenery, succulents, and foliage.

Supporting Ingredients are secondary elements used to enhance the focal flower. They include filler flowers like baby breaths and waxflower, branches, berries, or dried botanicals. The supporting ingredient add interest and complement the overall design to the floral arrangement.

Textural Ingredients are fluffy, delicate or spikey elements that are added to a floral centerpiece to give it visual interest and depth. It also adds a dynamic and multidimensional touch to the centerpiece, and it give the floral centerpiece a wide variety. The fluffy elements consist of florals like hydrangeas or dahlias. The delicate accents are florals like ranunculus or astilbe. The spikey examples are florals like protea and thistles.

Supporting Flowers in a floral arrangement are secondary flowers that complement the focal blooms. They help fill out texture, and volume and enhance the overall design. They include filler flower such as statice or alstroemeria, which provide a backdrop for the focal flowers

and contribute to the overall harmony and balance of the arrangement.

Focal Flowers are the main florals in the arrangement, and they draw the most attention. They are larger, more prominent flowers such as peonies, roses, or lilies. Focal flowers serve as the central focus of the arrangement, adding the beauty, color, and impact while guiding the overall design and creating a bold statement.

Airy Accents are the delicate, lightweight elements that add movement and softness to any floral arrangement. These accents also add a whimsical and ethereal quality, which adds texture and depth.