We gladly plan any type of event. Everything from your dream wedding with hundreds of guests to corporate events, to Prohibition themed events.
There are two elements – the price for planning which is a flat fee, and then there is the price for design/decor, which depends on the vision you have to create and your overall budget.
We recommend a consultation to ensure that we’re the right fit. We are very flexible and here to meet your needs, so we are confident we will find a positive way to work together..
We are very close to many quality vendors in the Denver Metro Area through our long experience with party planning and other events we have produced. Securing each vendor and making sure they are tops in their fields and have all needed licenses/insurances is an important part of our job.
The short answer is, no. However, we have worked hard at developing these relationships and we can guarantee the quality of the service of vendors we suggest. However, we are more than happy to work with any vendors you would prefer.
We can certainly provide this service if it is something you are seeking. This will allow you to concentrate of being fully present at your event and not worrying about the behind the scenes operations. This service is billed at an hourly rate based on your type of event
It boils down to the fact that we will treat your event as if it is our own. We strive to deliver designs that will immerse you in your event, catering that will leave your guests wanting more, and exquisite events.
This all depends on the type and size of event you are planning. If it’s a wedding, we would say to start the conversation when you’ve set your date (we recommend 8-12 months in advance where possible). Other events can certainly take a shorter planning time That being said, we’re totally comfortable working in a last minute, high-stress environment, so if you find yourself needing to plan a last minute event, don’t hesitate to call. We’ll let you know if it’s not possible to do, but our attitude is “there is always a way”.
This is best answered when we have our first consultation. Once we know what you would like your event to be like, we can make a schedule. At the time of the consultation, we will come up with an estimate for total number of meetings in order to help you stick to your budget